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College Financial Aid: Highlighting The Small Print Of Student Loans - Review 'I am thrilled that you have found our research useful in the publication of your book, and also find your explanation of 'why' 40 percent of students report not receiving federal student loan counseling fascinating.' ? Healey Whitsett - National Economic Research Associates (NERA) Read more From the Author I began a career in banking in the early 1980s and have been able to maintain a front-row seat while watching the financial crises shift from agriculture to housing to college student loans. In the past five years in banking, in particular, I have seen steady increases in the sheer number of student loans and in the total amount of college debt. The bank I work for is not a direct student loan lender, in either federal or private student loans. It is likely to encounter student and parent loans when consumers are applying for other types of loans, such as car or house loans, and their college loans are verified on a credit report and included in a repayment ratio analysis. Whenever that situation occurs, I often ask general financial questions about their existing college loans, such as loan amounts, interest rates, whether the interest rates are fixed or variable, and the maturity dates. Very few borrowers know the answers to those basic loan questions. They typically know a monthly payment amount, but only if the loan is already in repayment mode. There are also people who do not know that they have college debt until it is verified on a credit report under their Social Security number; they do not realize that their financial aid awards were actually neatly packaged loans and do not remember signing or accepting any loan offers. The lack of basic understanding and the overall confusion that students have regarding their own college debt is discouraging, especially considering that paying for a college degree could be the second-largest investment they will make in their lifetime, after their house. I interviewed college financial aid counselors and learned that students are basically being left alone to figure out a confusing financial aid process and there is very little loan counseling required for students to attend.? I wrote this book to help students and families prepare financially for college and be able to protect their financial independence along the way.? I hope you find some 'light bulb' moments of your own while reading the book. Read more See all Editorial Reviews


College Financial Aid: Highlighting the Small Print of Student Loans