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A Grain Of Salt: Getting A's In College In Ten Easy Lessons - From the Publisher A Grain of Salt: Getting A's in College in Ten Easy Lessons is a watershed publication in college study. For the first time a student can pick up a book and get the true Answer (with a capital 'A') to the universal question, 'How do I get an 'A' in this class?' From taking notes in the lecture hall, to studying for and taking an examination, to writing a term paper, the Answers are all here, and every piece of advice is very easy to understand and can be immediately put into real use. The book is not a long one, and that's another one of its benefits: David Raffle says what needs to be said, clearly and concisely, without droning on and on with examples, exercises, tables and other meaningless drivel that no student would take the time to look at anyway. The feeling a student has when he or she reaches the end of this book is, 'Yeah, I can see that, that makes sense. I see clearly now what I need to do, and I KNOW that I can make these changes easily and make them NOW. I can finally see the light at the end of what I thought was a very dark tunnel. I no longer think that I may get A's in all of my college courses - I KNOW I WILL!!' Read more From the Back Cover 'At last! A college study book written by one of us!' - Kathy Williams, UCLA Graduate. 'One of the finest, clearest, and most useful guides to college study ever written. This book is a must of anyone who wants to succeed in college.' - John Phillips, Ed.D., Ph.D. A Grain of Salt is a fast-paced, nuts-and-bolts guide to obtaining high grades in college courses, with many 'insider' tactics to make getting A's in all of your college courses not only possible - but easy. Read more See all Editorial Reviews


A Grain of Salt:  Getting A's in College in Ten Easy Lessons